Starters & Levains

<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>

Carbonated mineral water and starter ph

Line Cecilie has asked... Does anyone know if I could use carbonated mineral water to lower the ph when making a starter?

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Tartine Master Method - wastage question

Has anyone here experimented with Tartine Master Method? (I'm working with book 3, and am brand new to making sourdough.) I've...

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White Gunk at the bottom of my Sourdough Starter

As I was retreiving my sourdough starter from the refridgerator, I saw that it had seperated into three different layers instead...

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Converting your mother starter to diff starter...

Hello! Is there a spreadsheet to convert your mother starter to either a liquid/stiffer starter? for ex... if I have a 100%...

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Grey starter

Hi My starter has been resting in the fridge since the start of December in a sealed kilner. I took it out this morning to give...


Does the age a sourdough really affect the overall finished product?

Ive had different pastry chefs and bakers tell me different stories on age old dough making better bread, and others swear it...

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Sluggish starter

Hi, I'm trying to cultivate a sourdough starter for the first time. I'm following the instructions here: http://www...


Old starter

my starter has been in a jar in fridge for two years! It still smells and looks good but is it?

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Brown surface liquid: pitch or stir in?

I am brand new here and have a question already. I began a new starter about three days ago and have fed it each day with very...

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Using milk in my start

I have always used milk, instead of water, with my starter. In the fridge my ~10 ounce jar of start will keep for 4-6 weeks,...