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Starters & Levains

<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>

Nutritional Information of Sourdough starter (white)

Good morning, I am wanting to bake sourdough crackers to sell at our local market with a relish i make. The product requires a...

Catching commercial yeast?

Maybe a dumb question but I've read that the more you bake, the more yeast there is in your kitchen and the less you need to add...

Sourdough starter in Ecuador

I have been making pizza and bread for one year in Canada with a sourdough starter that I bought at a natural food store. I was...

About bacterias etc in sourdough

Hi, I am new to this community, but I have been baking sourdough breads for about three years. I have a question that may seem a...

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a Sick starter...? Help!

Hello, I've just joined this community out of desperation. I've been making bread from a homemade starter for about 3 years and...

Ken Forkish Overnight White Bread with Poolish

Substituded 25% of bread flour with sprouted wheat... nice chewy crumb and crusty crust

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Newbie question re: spots in starter

Hello, I am brand new at making sourdough, and I just began cultivating my first starter (pictured here) on May 5th -- about four...


a floating starter?

Does the starter need to float on water? Mine is bubbly, smelly from 50% whole wheat & 50% rye. It's a sinker, even after 5...


Sourdough / moonshine starter

Has anyone ever used a sourdough starter to start a mash for whiskey or vise versa?

100yr old starter.

Hello I'm fairly new to this. Mainly a brick oven pizza maker. But wanting to experiment with the oldest sourdough starter that I...