Multiple grain starters

Hi, I'm picking up a few comments over the past about adding other grains to a plain white starter. I've thought of running a...


Spelt/Rye combination with large amount of starter

I've made this spelt/rye bread, a few times and it is only because I am spoiled that I am deeming it okay instead of really good...

Gerson Cancer Diet - Need unsalted organic rye bread

Hello, Is anyone making organic (unsalted) rye bread in Northern Ireland? I desperately need it for the special diet (Gerson...

Treat for Halloween, charcoal rye pumpkin sourdough loaf

Baked last night.. another version of Graham' s roasted pumpkin loaf. recently, i managed to get some charcoal flour from the organic shop...Read more


Rye Flour vs White Starter / Rye Flour in Dough

gday all, first time poster, long time reader, 6 month baker... re my starter: ive been baking with a rye starter that i was...

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Introducing myself and presenting a safe way to make a sourdough starter – guaranteed no D.O.!

Hi, I'm much impressed with the seriousness of this forum, and the keen interest in coming to grips with this elusive phenomenon...


100% WHOLE Grain Starter??

Hi there! I need some help/advice. I am a health extremist if you will... as in I don't consume white flour of any sort. I am on...


Pumpernickel Bread

I am currently having a go at pumpernickel. Inspired by this documentation . Getting hold of suitably milled coarse rye might be a problem...Read more


Italian Country Style Sourdough Bread

I really did intend to make one of the 100 recipes I have saved from assorted websites and blogs or one of the 1000 recipes from one of my...Read more

Ciabatta with Carmelized Onions, Rye & Spelt Flours

The last time I made Ciabatta I made a sourdough version that came out quite good. In my never-ending quest to try to create something new...Read more