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Unfamiliar with the nuances of posting to this forum, I wound up posting my question in the "Video" section:

Here's my dilemma ...

New to sourdough. 

Living in Bangkok, Thailand, I don't have to look for 68℉. The average mean temp, 24/7/365, is 30℃, 85℉.

This video covers about 8,5 hours. It is an initial start of 113g flour with 113g water, left overnight. For scale, the container is 1.7 liters.

Over the first 6.5~7 hours, it grows immensely. Then it collapses. Attempting the first feeding, it doesn't seem to want to ferment. 

Any diagnosis, tips, or pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


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Wiggins 2020 July 20

I'm not sure what your quesiton is. What do you mean it does not ferment? It does not ferment your larger dough?

If I understand your post, yes, the starter will collapse after some time. You want to use it as it nears its peak -- in your case that sounds like around six hours. 

BKK_Baker 2020 July 20

The problem is the starter after the collapse. It doesn't seem to react to subsequent feeding.

Because it doesn't seem to rise, I haven't used it to bake. My thinking is that if it doesn't rise on its own, it isn't going to work in a recipe.


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