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Sourdough back online - server fixed

Sourdough Companion was offline for approximately 24 hours due to a server malfunction in the USA. The site is up again!...


Sourdough Re-launched!

Yes it's that time again when new features emerge and things change. Sourdough Companion is now just Sourdough. Please use the...

forum software

i visit from time to time as as much there is few things that are really cool about the whole site and how it is...


long threads

Please Mr/Ms Moderator Some of the threads are very long, and getting longer! Is there an easy way to locate the new posts in a...

No newsletter for 3 months

Hi, I've not had a newsletter for close to 3 months, yet I have not unsubcribed or cancelled anything ..... any idea's? Gingazz.


Does this site have a policy on spam? There seems to be more and more of it. Is anyone getting rid of it? Just asking. John


Looking for a US moderator

We are seeking someone who's really nice, warm and friendly, to moderate the site during American hours (anywhere in the US or CA...

An update

I've just re-styled the appearance of pages and comments. I hope you guys like it. Please let me know if you are experiencing any...

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Need to stop emails. Help!

I'm beyond busy with wedding cakes just now and don't need the updates from the forums in my mailbox. Can anyone help me turn...


California Bakeries

The bakeries section of Sourdough Companion features artisan bakeries from around the world that use traditional methods, organic...

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