should i throw my starter away?


hi everyone! 

recently i begin making a new starter, and i noticed its bubbly and has that tangy smell the day after i made it. however, i noticed some weird spots on top of it, almost pink-brown in color. 

i dont know what that means, and im not sure if its mold or hooch as this is a first time for me. 

i used 50g of flour (half bread and whole wheat flour) with the same amount of water. i put it in an empty cupboard near my stove with the container loosely covered. i made it on the afternoon at about 3 pm, and i checked on it at 12 am the day after. 

has my sourdough starter gone bad already? should i throw it away? should i keep feeding it?

im not sure what i messed up, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! please help me figure out what went wrong. 

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