Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

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Loaves spreading

Hi all I'm new to this forum (and what a forum it is!) I've been baking sourdough for the best part of a year, and after a fair...

Dough fails (runny, sticky, gooey mess)

Ok, I have now read all suggetions on what I think maybe my problem, either starter to weak, starter to strong, not enought...


how to , about work hours

How can I work around 9 to 5 work and achieve a proper sourdough

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Wet after autolyse

After 30 minutes autolyse my once shaggy dough is completely liquidy. I started two batches separately, with exact measured...


Am I ready for bread making?

My sour dough starter has doubled in iess than 5 hours. Am I ready to start making bread??