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New Online Sourdough Baking Courses

Hey everyone :) Hope you're all well. This is my first time posting and I know many forums have strict guidelines regarding...


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Hard crust

I've baked sourdough bread now 4 separate times, and the crust is too hard. Even on the bottom, which this last time I used a...

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My first loaf failed

Can someone tell me what went wrong? I'm really new to making sourdough. I have made a strong starter from scratch by mixing 2oz...

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sourdough bread stays flat although it used to turn out perfectly fine.

Hey there, I could use some help with my sourdough bread. In the first picture, you can see my first try after developing a...

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Can I revive a sourdough starter hidden in my refrigerator for 10 years by feeding it. It looks creamy white with a brownish...

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