Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

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Sourdough looks great after baking but still has an overly gummy/tacky crumb.

Hi i'm to the forum and fairly new to sourdough bread (in fact baking bread in general) After many failures I feel like I am...

I end up with sloppy dough every Time.

Good day everyone. I'm not new to bread, but a total novice with the complete sourdough baking. Every time I make up my dough,...

Why am I getting this gap between crumb & bottom crust?

Hi bakers, I've just joined this forum hoping that someone might be able to advise what I'm doing wrong with my sourdough process...


Loaves spreading

Hi all I'm new to this forum (and what a forum it is!) I've been baking sourdough for the best part of a year, and after a fair...

Dough fails (runny, sticky, gooey mess)

Ok, I have now read all suggetions on what I think maybe my problem, either starter to weak, starter to strong, not enought...


how to , about work hours

How can I work around 9 to 5 work and achieve a proper sourdough

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