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Strong wheat flour in Perth

Hi everyone! Don’t know whether here is the right place to ask, I am a foreigner and not familiar with the flour suppliers in...

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Going local

Bacchus Marsh baker, Jordan Walls, and Trentham baker, John Reid, are working with neighbouring farmers and changing the way we...

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Protein Content

Been using King Arthur Flour for years and now judge all flours by its standards in terms of % protein and consistency. As I look...


Is Freshly Ground Flour Worth the Price?

In his book, "Tartine Bread," Chad Robertson says freshly milled flour is much better tasting. So, I went to Amazon. After...


Einkorn hydration?

Just got first batch of Einkorn wheat (from I grind my own flour and do not remove any bran, particulates, saw dust...


Repeat question posted to an old thread-100% Barley dough NOT like Rye

I have been making 100% barley bread lately using flour I grind in Blendtech blender. Seed culture is rye then I make a levain...

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100% Whole Grain Barley ~ home ground flour

Not sure what to make of this. Yesterday searching forums for threads on "barley" I found several right off that said it behaved...

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Flour Equivalent

Does anyone know the Australian equivalent of the French T55 flour? I have been using the Simply No Knead untreated flour but...


Switching Whole Wheat Flours?

I am using white whole wheat currently but want to switch to King Arthur organic whole wheat. Can I just use my starter or do I...