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<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>
whole wheat bread from revived starter

Reviving a starter vs. starting a new one - Bread #57

Reviving a starter vs. starting a new one - that is my internal debate. I freeze and revive, but the choice between doing that...

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lazy starter

It's been a while since I've visited here - and I've moved from Panama to Brazil, in the meantime. I managed to create a truly...


beer barm

I have left over beer barm...yes that's real beer barm from a local brewery....I didn't use the entire quart jar of it...can I...

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Starter keeps going!

Hi there, first timer to the forum. I am originally from the UK and used to make my own sourdough. I haven't made it in 6 months...


What to do with leftover, immature starter

Hi everyone! For the past three weeks, I've been trying to make sourdough starter. It's finally working, and it seems like it'll...


How can I tell if my starter has gone bad?

My starter has a weird gray layer on top and what looks to be lots of white bubbles (I don't think it's mold, and it smells fine...


Beer Starter

Hey All, I'm new to the site - great to see such an active community around sourdough. I've been experimenting with a sourdough...


Mold on starter?

Left my starter without a feed while away overnight and returned to find a skin on the surface which I would normally just scrape...


Lazy Starter :)

Hey everyone...I am hoping someone will have some words of wisdom for me regarding my Tartine starter. We are now on day 11 and...


Starter split?

Hi experts, looking for advice on day 2-3 of my sourdough starter. It is growing nicely, has bubbled and smells pretty fruity/...

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