Starters & Levains

<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>

Sluggish starter

Hi, I'm trying to cultivate a sourdough starter for the first time. I'm following the instructions here: http://www...


Old starter

my starter has been in a jar in fridge for two years! It still smells and looks good but is it?

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Brown surface liquid: pitch or stir in?

I am brand new here and have a question already. I began a new starter about three days ago and have fed it each day with very...

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Using milk in my start

I have always used milk, instead of water, with my starter. In the fridge my ~10 ounce jar of start will keep for 4-6 weeks,...

There is strange liquid in my sourdough starter

I made my sourdough starter (made from whole wheat flour) 4 days ago and the first 2 days everything was going well. The...

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The original San-Francisco starter.

Hello! I have a question. I have an original San-Francisco starter. I wonder, how i sould activate it. Does anyone has a...


Everything you wanted to know about yeasts

Checking out the archives. Thank you to John Castley for sharing this with Graham some time ago. Everything you wanted to know...

Sourdough starter problem-need trouble shooting suggestions

Hi, newbie first attempt: Fresh ground flours, super pure filtered water, ambient temp 70 degress F., mix 50:50 by volume so...


Starting starter problem--newbie

Hi, hoping for some help trouble shooting my starter: Fresh ground flour, very pure filtered water, temp right around 70 F...

Feeding + baking

Just wondering how long you need to wait after you have fed your starter to start baking? Hours or days?