Starters & Levains

<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>

Why use a levain?

Why not just use mother or seed culture straight into the mix instead of taking the step to make a levain and adding that? What...


Slow starters.

Hello Bakers! I Started baking a while ago and got in contact with sourdough after following a course on sourdough baking. After...

Starter Disaster

I am new to sourdough breadmaking and I started my journey a couple of weeks ago. I am using an ancient grain known as Emmer...

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A 4 days levain recipe

I took this recipe from Éric Kayser book. It´s awesome and works well. The best is the time to be ready. Just 4 days. DAY 1 - In...

Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's 'Tiny' Starter

Has anyone had any experience with Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's small sourdough starter in his book "How to make Bread". He advised a...


Starter not rising after 8 days :(

Hello! I am on day 8 of starting my starter. I am feeding 100g unbleached all purpose flour and 100g water to 100g of starter...


Dunedin Bakers

Any Bakers in Dunedin New Zealand using wild yeast starters? Thanks

Hooch in the middle???

Let me begin by saying I hope this is not a duplicate post. I thought I had posted but my account showed 0 posts, so I must have...


My first starter :)

My first starter was not happy. My first sourdough wild yeast starter was with Bob's Redmill Organic Flour....equal parts (by...


Carbonated mineral water and starter ph

Line Cecilie has asked... Does anyone know if I could use carbonated mineral water to lower the ph when making a starter?

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