New Weird Food Blog

I have just started a new blog documenting my adventures with weird and wacky foods including sourdough, gluten-free flours, fermented...Read more

Simply Bread 2

Here is another sample of pictures showing what I do. I'm passionate about the bread I make and am always looking for ways to improve in my...Read more


Simply Bread

My name is Sebastien and I'm an artisan baker from Strasbourg, France, working in Brisbane, Australia. I work using long fermentation...Read more


Semolina Sourdough with Red Peppers & Mozzarella

I was in a creative mood the other day and decided to try something different. I have made semolina bread before but this time I decided to...Read more

Pizza crumb pics.......pre-baked A revision to the recipe above making it so easy. No oil in the...Read more


Italian Country Style Sourdough Bread

I really did intend to make one of the 100 recipes I have saved from assorted websites and blogs or one of the 1000 recipes from one of my...Read more

Newbie frustrations

Hi. I've been experimenting with sourdough for a while but with varied success. Some loaves have been great, others less than...


Two-Fifths Sourdough Rye

This week, winter has finally and properly come to Stockholm. We have -15C in daytime, sparkling white snow everywhere – it only really...Read more


A Long Slog

I've been off work today as Orla is sick. She has an ear infection. So I decided to make sourdough using Dan Lepard's method, which...Read more


Banana Sourdough

I made a sourdough but included 2 bananas, about 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a half teaspoon of cinnamon. After I put it in a tin on top of...Read more

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