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Sebastien Pisasale

My name is Sebastien and I'm an artisan baker from Strasbourg, France, working in Brisbane, Australia. I work using long fermentation methods and a liquid sourdough with an emphasis on the lactic rather than acetic acid notes which lets the natural wheat flavours really come through when you taste the bread. Here's some I prepared earlier :)


Mixed seed loaves.


Baguette de tradition- liquid sourdough, 75% hydration, T65 flour.


Spelt sourdough- liquid sourdough, 72% hydration, 50% spelt.


Rye and hazelnut- 100% liquid sourdough, 100% hydration, 100% rye, 100% delicious...


Oversized (3.5kg) tabatiere baked for display in a French restaurant. It came up so high in the deck oven I had trouble getting it out!




Sebastien Pisasale 2012 March 30

Hi LeadDog

The important difference is the 100% hydration. Otherwise the method is the same as a stiff sourdough. It is also important to note however that the liquid sourdough won't keep as long as the stiff and will be more active due to the increased water ratio. As soon as it becomes active, put it in the fridge and keep it there until use.

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LeadDog 2012 March 31

 When you said you were using a liquid sourdough starter I imagined that you were using a much higher hydration.  Thanks for your info.  Your breads look great and look forward to hearing more about them.

esbkk 2012 April 4

... very confusing.

The Germans would call 100% hydration - Normal

and a 100 flour / 120water hydration - Liquid

They would also argue that lactic acid bacteria flourish at a temperature between 30 - 35 degrees C

and acetic acid bacteia between 20 - 25 degrees C.

TimmyB 2012 March 28

 Beautiful bread.  Can you please share how you encourage lactic acid in the fermentation?





Sebastien Pisasale 2012 March 30

 Thanks Tim. Sure, keeping things simple, which is my all-round bread philosophy, a sourdough with 100% hydration as opposed to a stiff sourdough with 60% or 70% hydration will have less of an acetic flavour allowing the lactic flavour to dominate. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Fab 2012 March 29

 I live in Brisbane and would love to sample your beautiful bread.  Please tell me where I can buy it. 

Sebastien Pisasale 2012 March 30

 Hi Fab, I work at Chouquette Patisserie Boulangerie in New Farm, the address is 19 Barker St. The shop is closed Monday and Tuesday but open the rest of the week from 6:30am. Get in early for a delicious coffee and fresh baguette with butter- breakfast of kings!

DamourDavid 2012 April 5

salut Sebastien, je suis un boulanger Francais, j'ai 25 ans et je souhaiterai venir travailler en travail actuellement pour l'hermitage a Gonfaron.Nous ne fesons que du pain bio a laide de levain naturel, et nous faconnons tous nos pains a la main.Je dois venir en Australie au mois d'Aout pour faire des essais dans d'autres boulangerie.Si vous cherchez quelqu'un je serai ravi de venir faire un essai.tu peux me contacter via le site ou sur ce pourrai t'envoyer mon c.v et repondre a tes questions.( [email protected]) tu peux aussi me voir sur youtube a "french dave".


a bientot


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Karniecoops 2012 April 25

 Great looking bread Sebastien! Would you share your recipe for the rye and hazelnut mini loaves? I'm intrigued and love rye.


HelenF 2012 October 5

I've only just moved back to Brisbane and the fortune to be staying in Norman Park for a while.  Chouquette was just a skip accross the river and I would make the trip for a coffee and a little something deliciuos plus a bit of French practice also!  Whenever I mention this bakery to friends, they usually reply with something along the lines of 'Ah Chouquette!'  You are well loved in Brisbane.

black dog 2013 October 27

Wow, your bread looks increadible!!  I have just had to wipe a load of drool off my lap top ;)


I was just wondering how do you get your beautiful Rye and Hazelnut loaves to hold such a neat shape?

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