inspired by Lumos cocoa sourdough with cranberries, walnuts and orange peel

Lumos did a lovely cocoa sourdough with cranberries, walnuts and orange peels for Codruta from the fresh loaf. more

A whole passel of sourdough noobie Qs

I am a new sourdough baker and I'm having difficulty producing a sufficiently sour bread. I know this reads like a police...


Sourdough Kolaches

I have been successfully making whole wheat sourdough bread with a very healthy starter but would like to branch out and try some...

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2nd time SD bake good result ?

I think I've created a good SD loaf on my second attempt. 9hrs in the fridge, 2.5hrs to room temp and the bake. I love this bread making, I...Read more

happy to share my sourdough stater

since i started my own starter, i have been sharing my bread and starter too. HK is one of them. this is one of her experienced she shared...Read more



Hi, I was learning how to make sourdough loaves about 4 years ago when life got in the way and I have up my hobby. However, now I...


A sourdough loaf a day?

Hello, all. I am baking sourdough for my family of seven, and we easily consume one loaf a day. I am in need of ideas/tips/how...


Treat for Halloween, charcoal rye pumpkin sourdough loaf

Baked last night.. another version of Graham' s roasted pumpkin loaf. recently, i managed to get some charcoal flour from the organic shop...Read more


chad country sourdough bread

Chad Robertson Tartine bread is inspiring. i have been practicing for a while now with his recipe. it is easy to follow and a good base...Read more

apple rye and white wheat loaf

let me tell you this good news, i have tried this foolproof recipe by Millciti. make it every week. it is so versatile you can add any...Read more