A Long Slog


 I've been off work today as Orla is sick. She has an ear infection. So I decided to make sourdough using Dan Lepard's method, which requires attention throughout the day. Luckily, I managed to get the loaves to the point of having shaped them and left them to prove before Orla's temperature went so high she nearly had a fit and I had to get an emergency appointment with the GP for her. So all in all, a very stressful day, but I still had two lovely loaves to show for it by the end, and a little girl whose temperature seems to be returning to normal. She loves muffins, she says, so that's what I'll be attempting tomorrow. 


Clarabba 2012 January 28

 Your picture looks great with good slashes and a good crumb. It is ideal to have something physical to do when you are worried and stressed out. I ama glad things are now a little better.


Ruralidle 2012 January 29

The saying is - it's an ill wind.  What with your daughter being ill you were able to bake two lovely looking loaves.  I am pleased that Orla seems to be getting better.  Just keep a bottle of the "chemical cosh" - Calpol - handy to keep the temperature in check.

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