roasted pumpkin boule

i love pumpkin, as halloween is near i tried Graham roasted pumpkin loaf recipe. managed to find some good butternut pumpkin. follow Graham...Read more


Mookie's Hot Chocolate Potato Sourdough Bread

Mookie likes to get his way and when he wants something he lets me know it. For example, when he wants breakfast he will knock everything...Read more


White Wine Multi-grain Sweet Potato Sourdough

Here on Long Island, New York we have a ever-growing wine country on the East End of the Island. My wife and I like to go visit a few...Read more

Polenta Potato Sourdough Yeast Water Bread

Last weekend I baked some of the best rolls I've made to date using instant yeast instead of my usual sourdough or yeast water. I didn't...Read more

Norwich loaf after 20 hours fridge proof

my first loaves

Hello, I posted earlier regarding my attempts at starting a starter that had milk/four/sugar. After about a week and changing it...


Mikes first sourdough

Okay, so up till now i have only baked 4 loaves of any type of bread, my starter is 7 days old and healthy, and I have all my equipment...Read more

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First time starter

Hello all, first run at a sourdough starter with natural wild yeast. 36 hours in and all seems well. Active bubbles and almost doubled in...Read more

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Baking in Paris

Hi, I have found multiple kitchen and baking shops in Paris. Unfortunately, because there are so many great bakeries all over,...


First Sourdough

My first Sourdough round made from a starter I raised a week ago. I used the Rivercottage Bread Bible guide to raising a sourdough starter...Read more


Gluten-free starter

I recently found out that I am gluten-intolerant. That news came just days after I had developed a successful rye sourdough, but...

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