Pizza crumb pics.......pre-baked

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A revision to the recipe above making it so easy.  No oil in the dough, for me just gives the dough a better texture.

Using same ingredients.  After final mix of dough, separate into 3 balls place each in plastic sandwich bag and refrigerate for a minimum 24 hours up to 72hours.

Shape and prebake straight from the fridge  2-3 mins each side ( to your taste also your oven will determine how long)   Shape  straight on a piece of parchment sprinkled with rice and semolina flour, helps to push/slide dough into round shape.  Dont forget to flour fingers also.

Top with favourite ingredients,  lift parchment/pizza and put in your oven,  bake till cheese bubbling and golden brown  approx 5 mins at highest temp.

The dough is a wee bit harder to shape because there is no oils so not as stretch, BUT because the dough is shaped straight from the fridge its easier to shape into a nice "rustic" round


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lenohbabe 2012 March 17

Thank you so much it feels really good to get such nice comments from "The A Team"

You guys are such experts it really is an encouragement .

It would be nice to hear if you attempt my method with no oil, hardly any handling of the dough and the straight in and out of the fridge to ferment/prove and bake................hopefully thats the right sequence and terminology

Any pizza dough recipe I had used before had olive oil in it.  It was an old Italian lady I new  30 years ago when i  lived overseas, she is now in her late 90's god bless you Tina xx.  She told me she  never  used oil in  her pizza dough.

I only remembered this comment recently and thought I would give it a go, I was amazed at how great the dough tasted.

 Is it unusual not to use oil ? maybe its a regional thing.

Thanks again guys I am stalking all your posts and learning loads.

Ruralidle 2012 March 20

I think that the oil is useful for two things - it makes the dough more extensible and it helps the crust to brown.  The latter characteristic is useful if you are baking the pizza in an ordinary oven but can become a hinderance if you are using a wood fired oven.  I think that I am correct in saying that traditional Neopilotan pizzas are made from a lean dough (no oil added).

isand66 2012 March 22

You are correct in traditional Neopolitan pizza from Italy do not use oil except maybe to brush on the crust.

nor rahman 2012 May 7

hi! i used a wholemeal starter and plain flour. i cooked it in a heavy frying pan with a glass lid, on the stove using a gfas ring. i got 5 pizzas! 2 was for dinner (just had one, saving the other as my brother is coming over shortly). 3 i precooked the base and now they are in the freezer for another mealtime when i can just add the topping. started the dough at 10 this morning and cooked them at six this evening. i didn't divide them up early on (before placing in the oiled bowl), instead i only divided and shaped them just before cooking - they were easy to handle. the pizza base was soft and lovely.  i do believe this can be cooked on a griddle - i'll probablely do that with the pre-cooked pizza base now in the freezer. since i prefer to use volume measurement, i brought the water and starter to the nearest cup measurement ie 1 to 1+1/4 cups for water and 1+1/2 cups of starter. living near the equator where it is humid, i used less than the max amount of water called for in the recipe - however, this may also be due to the starter as i used a 1:1 volume ratio of wholemeal flour to water. i also used only a teaspoon of salt, to cut on my salt intake. next time, i'll mix it, divide them and put it in the fridge first before cooking the pizza. thanks for an easy recipe to follow.

Maria Marini 2013 January 3

Thank you for posting this recipe. I made the dough a couple of days ago as per your instructions and we had the BEST pizza last night! The dough IS hard to handle, but oiling my hands helped both during kneading and the final stretching. I didn't prebake my dough- some of it stretched very thin and I didn't want to overbake it- and it still came out perfectly: thin well baked centre and a fluffy, doughy crust. I didn't even have a stone and simply baked it on an oven tray at 275* in an electric oven. The result was fantastic and while I often feel bloated after eating pizza this, being sourdough,  didn't bloat me at all. Thank you; this has already become a family favourite!

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