Banana Sourdough


I made a sourdough but included 2 bananas, about 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a half teaspoon of cinnamon.  After I put it in a tin on top of the fridge to rise, I went down to the shop to get some ingredients for a cake.   I waited 4 hours before I put the bread and a tea cake into a hot (190C) oven.  The cake should have been baked at a cooler temperature.  The bread could have been baked in a hotter oven.  When I took the cake out, I slided a knife around the edge. I smacked it upside-down ways on the bench and the bottom of the cake held onto the tin. I realized I could have overlooked the bit where the recipe says to use baking paper.  Also the bread had not quite doubled in size prior to putting it in the oven but I put it in anyways, knowing would grow while baking.  And this is what it did.  If I had given the bread longer to rise it wouldn't have risen so askew.


HopesHope 2012 January 18

I have found if you use the usual banana bread recipe, but include sourdough in the recipe it works out fine.


If you don't want to use baking paper, then make sure you oil and flour [or use almond meal] to coat the bread mold [baking tin] you are using to bake in, then slide your knife and everything should come out in one piece..    Also when baking these kinds of bread it's always a good idea to bang the bread mold against the counter to get the air pockets out and settle in the


What did the bread taste like, it looks dry from the picture.

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