Simply Bread 2

Sebastien Pisasale

Here is another sample of pictures showing what I do. I'm passionate about the bread I make and am always looking for ways to improve in my endeavour to create delicious tasting, beautiful looking artisan bread!



Baguette proving on the "parisien"- rack with wooden boards.





Using my homemade "marseillaise" blade to score the baguettes.


Baking in the stone hearth oven.


Just checking they're still there :)




A few of the types of bread I make.


whitecrow 2012 March 30

If only I was in Brisbane!!  Can you share your recipe with us, or let us know the final hydration?  I have a 100% hydration starter, but make bread that ends up at around 62%.  What 's the final hydration of yours?  If it's very liquid, how do you get the gluten to develop, ie how can you stretch it?  Is bench rest all yo do, or is there some machine kneading up front?  Thanks for any help, your bread looks so lovely!

LCheung 2012 September 5

Beautiful bread!

I spotted Chouquette's website online and marvelled at everything on the menu. I'm moving to Brisbane for medical school next year and I can't wait to try it all. Thanks for sharing some behind-the-scene photos!


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