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I have found multiple kitchen and baking shops in Paris. Unfortunately, because there are so many great bakeries all over, most people look at me funny when I am searching for tools for the home bread-maker. Like cane banettons that don't cost over 100€!.

Most importantly, I am looking for good, organic and minimally processed flour.

Does any one know brands or places in Paris where one could find good flour (i.e. better than what you find in supermarkets?).

Also any other good sources for home bakers in France/Paris would be great too. Thanks.

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stoneground 2012 May 17

Hello Cordovez,

This website is well priced for baking tools .  As far as flour I am not sure about sourcing it in Paris.  Maybe you would consider milling your own flour, that way you can be assured of the quaility and the taste in incomparible to bought flour. 


Best wishes,


Cordovez 2012 May 27

Thanks Stoneground. I have used before and I love them. I have found another online source in Barcelona that's very competitive too. So online shopping it is. It's just that I like browsing and touching things before I buy them. Oh, well.


As for the flour, I have found (since I wrote this post) that the store BioCoop in paris sells bigger bags of organic, traditional milling process.


I am still looking for a good parisian source for home bakers. But I suppose that they have some of the best bread in the world and a fraction of what a can of coke costs, at virtually every corner --- so why would they want to bake at home. I'm a fool for making things complicated :-)



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