roasted pumpkin boule

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i love pumpkin, as halloween is near i tried Graham roasted pumpkin loaf recipe. managed to find some good butternut pumpkin. follow Graham recipe except i have some rye flour in mine. as Graham suggested cut back the water make a stiff dough and add on the steamed pumpkin water. this is how it turn out... 

pls get the recipe from Graham post on Roasted Pumpkin Loaf 

happy baking and happy halloween




Broodt 2012 October 27

Just made a few myself today. I used fine grated pumpkin that becomes tender during baking. And ofcourse pumpkin kernels on top. I will try your recipe also.

Kind regards


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Evon 2012 October 27
Hi Dido, great idea what you did. I did another version last night. Added 5gram of charcoal powder. Trying to get the effect of black and orange for halloween treat! Will post it soon I sliced it and get some good sunlight for pictures. Thanks for your interest. Cheers..

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