Starters & Levains

<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>

San Francisco sourdough is bitter, why?

Hello everyone! Today is the sixth day of activating a dry culture. Sourdough grow, looks and smells very good. But the taste is...


What happened to my starter?

Jus wondering if my starter is still fine or is it dead already? I made one just flour+water+org apple. Nothing happened for...

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Rye etcetra

Oeffff.....i hate these blogs because they are so complicated to navigate.... anyway...where was I and the rest of me.... i added...

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Many failed starters and puke smell

Hello, I have tried many methods of starters. The pineapple juice and water and flour. With no success. Most end up smelling like...


is my starter ready to bake?

Hey guys! I've been reading you for a week weeks and decided to start with my own sourdough starter thanks to you! Sorry for my...


Dead sourdough

Hi all, I'm new to forum but not that new to baking sourdough bread. I baked very often till i was heavily pregnant with my scond...

How to make the right amount of starter?

Hi all. I'm making my first sourdough starter based on these instructions and it seems to be growing well after a couple of days...

Day 1

Makings of a great starter

So after 8 or so years (on and off), this also includes me currently running and baking at wholesale sourdough bakery; I have...

pyrex full of starter

starter virgin on day 5

Hi there, I have a question regarding my starter, day 1-3 I have good risr followed by a period of inactivity after feeding,...

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trouble starting

Can somebody please advise me? I have been working on a sourdough starter with all rye flour. It has been a week. I don't see any...

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