Failure to launch starter :(


Started my first started a little over two weeks ago. Things were going well, last Sunday (7 days ago) it was tripling in size, and now there is no activity. It always had an almost barf like smell, but now little to no smell. I thought when the smell was going away it was because the yeast was taking over the bacteria.

I cant figure out what happened and why it won’t just start again? I started it with equal weight unchlorinated water and organic whole wheat flower. And then continued with one part starter, water, fresh flour daily. Tempature has been consistent.

Not sure if I should start completely over, use any of it to a new mix, keep on with this, or if I just am wasting my time and should go buy some dried up starter for $25 bucks?

Thanks for any advice :)

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Manuele 2018 March 13

It sounds like your starter has died. Best you give that starter a funeral and start a new starter from scratch.

Incidently, how did you get the starter going initially?

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