Newbie Question: Hairy Mold in My Starter


After trying for several weeks to make my first starter I'm getting rather dispirited and so I figured I'd seek help here in the hopes of convincing myself not to quit and just take my friend's starter!  I started a new starter about a week ago (after 2 prevoius failed attempts).  After 5 days I still had only a few bubbles (which I think means very little fermentation).  I moved my jar to my basement (where it is a bit warmer), and now 2-3 days later I have what I think is serious mold covering the top of the starter and the sides of the jar.  The mold seems rather advanced - it is very hairy (literally).  Should I toss the starter and start all over again? Any tips to avoid this from happening again? I'm guessing that like many newbies, I'm trying to follow the method discussed in the Tartine cookbook, but I am definately failing at this new endeavor. Thanks! Just trying to make something tasty that doesn't harm me or my 2 year old :) 

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