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Small even holes in sourdough bread?

Does anyone know the trick how to prepare sourdough for small even same size holes after it is baked? I see breads like this from...

German Munich style sourdough bread

German Munich Sourdough Bread

Wonderful German Munich style rye sourdough bread my wife baked for this weekend.

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My first sourdough bread

My hobby is baking but I am a total newbie when it comes to baking sourdough bread although I have baked yeast breads. I also...

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Natural hydration of flour vs humidity of location

I live in a particulary wet part of the World known as the English Lake District. I have had a hypothesis for a while that the...

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Debug the Bread

Hello all; I have improved my baking quite a bit from the early days, now I have consistency and the bread tastes yummy as...


Sourdough beginner please help!

Hi, please can anybody help me. I have been trying to make a sourdough loaf and all goes to plan except when I try and take the...


Potato Starter

Hi I made a potato starter two days ago using a recipe from the Ballymaloe bread book, it says it should take 5-6 days before it...


Need help naming that bread from Feast Restaurant in Jersey

Hi everyone I know this is a reeeal longshot, but the reasons I got into making bread is a tried a 'Ciabatta' as a starter (with...

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This is what we are all about

I need an Artisan baker bakery in Gold coast

HI All... Just wetting a line for any GOOD artisan bakers looking for work in the queensland area, Brand new bakery with all the...

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Spots on bread?

I have been baking bread with my sourdough starter for some time now, quite successfully. On this occasion I decided to...