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Hi all,

I created a starter about 18 months ago and began making sourdough bread, at home, in my kitchen..

Everything went pretty well for some time, then I had my suspicions, that were confirmed over the last few months, that I was no longer getting any rise in the oven...

I get plenty of rise when prooving, in fact at the moment I feel the need to leave my dough in the fridge over night, to slow it down..

Once in the oven however, the rise I have is the rise I end up with, which ever method I use and I tend to use two:

1. As shown in todays pic. two small tins, straight in the oven, a baking tray in the base, with a quarter cup of water in it when the oven is turned on, then a few squirts with a spray bottle around the oven when the tins go in.

2. After proofing in a banneton the dough is turned out into the base of a romertopf, itself having been heated with the oven after the lid was soaking in water, lid replaced and into the oven.

I get no further rise in the oven with either method.. so I figure it must be my ingredients/starter... I have had a few minor mods to my recipe over the last year, but nothing serious.. It's basically taking 50g of starter to produce 200g of levain, 500g of flour (400g organic white + 100g organic wholewheat) and 310g of water.

The oven is a pedestrian electric...

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and gotten on top of it....?

yours in anticipation,


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