Newbie to Bread Baking


Hi, My daughter passed away in Nov. To help me get through this difficult time, I decided to learn how to bake bread. I love sourdough so I ordered a starter from King Arthur. It has been trial and errors for sure but for me the success has been helping me with my grieving .

Today I baked a loaf, and included Fresh Rosemary and Roasted Garlic in the dough. pictured above.

Waiting for it to cool and stumbled on this site while searching how to clean bannetons.

My best loaves have been made with a stiff starter. I'd like to use my fed starter instead to save steps and time. Any tips will be appreciated.

Fortunately  since I live near San Francisco my sourdough has developed the yummy SF sourdough flavor. I am looking forward to visiting this site for tips, recipes and the posts.

Sorry, if this is a duplicate post, I tried an earlier one and hadn't correctly signed in yet.

Happy Baking, JLZ



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