Strange salt residue in starter


So I fed my starter as normal one night with 100%hydration very strong white flour and left it out on the counter to accelerate the reaction for one hour before putting it in the fridge. After taking it out of the fridge the next morning I noticed some strange white residue on the glass of my jar above the top rise line. There was also what seemed to be a large clump of the same white residue sat on the top layer of my starter (not all over it but in one spot on the top) - it had become hard with a white grainy like substance. 

I thought my starter had frozen as someone had moved it to the bottom back of the fridge where it gets really cold but upon further investigation noticed they were crystals. I wiped up the crystals to inspect them and even put them on my tongue - I FELT 98% CERTAIN IT WAS PURE SALT. 

I did not add any salt to my starter and don't know how that much could've got in there or even be a byproduct of a reaction. It's maybe possible a contaminant got in but how would it produce salt ?

Does anyone have any idea how this could have happened? 

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