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Hello everyone!

First post here.  I've been working on my starter for over a month now.  I had to refrigerate it a few weeks ago, while we were gone for the weekend, but otherwise I've been feeding it twice a day with Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flour.  I thought it was ready about a week ago, and so I tried an overnight recipe, where I did my stretch and folds that evening and then a bulk ferment overnight, but I never saw any rise (zero) the next morning. I tried again a few days later (feeding my starter all the while), but no rise.  I deduced my starter wasn't mature enough, and now it's been two weeks since those failed attempts. I have posted a picture of my starter taken a short time ago.  This was about 5-6 hours post feeding.  I really wanna try and use it again in a loaf, but I'm hesitant to do so.  However it definitely looks way better than before. Especially the bubbles.

Thanks in advance!!


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