Starters & Levains

<p>Fermenting flour and water to rise bread with</p>

Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter - A Photolog

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Sourdough starter

Hey all! im new to the sourdough world and very eager to learn and start baking!! I started my starter 3 days ago and fed it this...


Using a bread premix - but wondering about the salt?

Hi Guys My wife and I are both diabetic, so it's suggested that we eat multigrain or wholemeal. So, my starters have had mixtures...

Sourdough starter - Parmesan smell

I've been following thekitchn's sourdough starter recipe - 4 oz ap flour + 4 oz water daily for 4 days, and should be ready to...


Can my starter be saved?

I feed it every month or so to keep it going, but this time I let it go a long time and didn't measure very well the white flour...

Sourdough Starter

Good day! I've been trying to make a sourdough starter with Unbleached White Flour for about 3 weeks. I created 2 batches feeding...


Starter Stopped!

Hi All! Newbie here. I'm confident your advice will be that I simply need to persist and this activity (or lack thereof!) with my...


What's the point of the levain?

Hi I am new to sourdough, I am wondering what the point of making a levain prior to making the loaf is. Why not just use...

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Hello Bakers new here with yeast questions

Hello bakers want to introduce myself and ask some questions. I've been brewing beer for awhile and since I have a refrigerator...


Starters and using with various flours

Hi can I use a healthy white starter to bake a loaf with other flours - Einkorn / Wholemeal etc or is it vital to use a starter...

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