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I have been successfully making whole wheat sourdough bread with a very healthy starter but would like to branch out and try some new recipes.  Does anyone know of a good sourdough kolache recipe?  I would like to avoid using store-bought yeast if at all possible.  Thanks! :)

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farinam 2012 December 24

Hello SarahRaney,

I have successfully converted yeast based recipes just by substituting starter for the yeast component and adjusting the flour and liquid components to allow for the content of the starter.

180g of 100% starter is a good starting point for 500g of flour.

The timing of the bulk ferment and proving will have to be adjusted to suit and if it is a rich dough recipe I have found that it can need quite a bit longer (up to 24 hours in for pannetone).

Let us know how you go and gobbler mince of the season.


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