A Good Morning's Bake

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I've been a silent viewer of all the great information in these pages and just wanted to share Sunday morning's result and thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge and experience.

I started my starter back in March and as of now, it is nice and active and allows me to bake sourdough every couple of days with a good level of consistency.

The thing I've learnt from my research is that there are almost as many recipes and methods for producing a good loaf as there are bakers and I'm not sure that I will ever stop trying to refine mine. These are 50% wholemeal / 50% Strong white with 60%ish hydration and 50% starter. 3 hour bulk prove with a few folds and then 12 hours in the banneton.

So thanks again to everyone and feel free to provide constructive criticism or advice.


Gavin Smith




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108 breads 2013 September 3

Please send your recipe. The loaves are beautiful.

I agree that there is no end of methods and recipes. Daunting at times, but I have discovered a whole new universe of sourdough, different flours and delicious bread. I have several books waiting on my shelf to peruse and get recipes from.

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gbsmith71 2013 September 8

Doesn't get much simpler than this:

IngredientWeightBakers Percentage
Whole Wheat Flour500 g17.64 oz50.00%
Strong White Flour500 g17.64 oz50.00%
Tepid Water560 g19.75 oz56% (hydration)
Starter (100% hydration)500 g17.64 oz50.00%
Salt20 g0.71 oz2%
Total Weight: 2080 grams / 73.37 ounces
Total Flour Weight: 1000 grams / 35.27 ounces


Split into 2 halves after bulf prove, 1 for each loaf.


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