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As with any health issue, it is vital that you have a sturdy support system when coping with arthritis. Your support system should include both family and medical professionals. You should try to find a support group that can help you deal with arthritis.

Be sure to have a good laugh every day. Sharing a funny joke or a humorous movie with family and friends has the healing effect of relieving stress and making you feel better. Laughter is a faithful ally in the fight against arthritis, so enlist it often to keep your arthritis at bay.

Watch your knees. Your knees absorb at least three times the impact of any other joint on your body, so they need extra care. Always make sure to use pads when kneeling and try to flex them often. Sitting cross-legged for too long can also cause issues, so you should stretch them out on a regular basis.

Take your medication like you are supposed to. Many arthritis sufferers will only take their medication if they are in pain, and forget it later. This is detrimental to your body, because you are actually trying to prevent these attacks from happening. Set a daily reminder, and take your medication on a strict schedule.

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