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So I've been baking bread on and off for years, and a few months ago started successfully making sourdough. I currently have two wild-yeast starters in my fridge and have made quite a few very good loaves using absolutely no commercial yeast - very cool!


However, I'm not getting a big flavor "kick" I'm looking for. One example, for those of you who know this chain, is the sourdough at the Old Spaghetti Factory (mostly a western US chain, I believe). If you know their bread, do you have any idea how they get their intense flavor? I'm not sure it's just intense SOUR, but a really strong flavor that really say "sourdough", at least to me.


Thanks in advance,


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farinam 2013 April 13

Hello twobottles,

I'm obviously not familiar with this particular bread, but commercial bread factories often use flavour enhancers to make what they call 'sourdough'.

Graham has a bit somewhere on this site about 'fake' sourdough.

Good luck with your projects


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Jacktheknife 2013 April 14

I make my own yogurt and I use the whey leftover from the yogurt making process as the liquid in sour doughs that I want to have a more sour flavor.

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