starter travel pack

I know this topic has been done before and I did try to search for it - unsucessfully... so, here goes... I want to take part of...


Rye Flour vs White Starter / Rye Flour in Dough

gday all, first time poster, long time reader, 6 month baker... re my starter: ive been baking with a rye starter that i was...

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New kid on the Block (not so new to this world)

HI All, Just new to this scene, if you can call it a "scene" I'd like to say lifesytle. I started my very first starter one day ago using...Read more

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I'm just starting out on this adventure and I'm still confused by some of the basics. I have managed to create a starter that...


looking after the baby (or: how to maintain and use my sour dough starter)

I posted some questions about actually baking bread but I would like a few hints about how to maintain my starter. I made my (...


Chef Sourdough Starter

I'm very happy and thankful we got a Chef Sourdough Starter as a gift. As I understand, the Chef Sourdough Starter nuetralizes...


First time starter

Hello all, first run at a sourdough starter with natural wild yeast. 36 hours in and all seems well. Active bubbles and almost doubled in...Read more

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Gluten-free starter

I recently found out that I am gluten-intolerant. That news came just days after I had developed a successful rye sourdough, but...

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Combining starters

I was feeding my starters and was pouring off some of the two I have going. I decided to combine them to make sourdough pancakes...

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Exploring Gluten Free Sourdough

I have just learned, much to my great disappointment, that the world is flat. I can clearly see my mistake now. I had thought...