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I was feeding my starters and was pouring off some of the two I have going.  I decided to combine them to make sourdough pancakes and the whole thing flopped.  It was possibly that I didn't let the mix proof long enough but I also wondered if using two different starters had something to do with it.  Maybe they killed each other?


Any thoughts?

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farinam 2012 April 2

Hello sweethearth,

Mustn't forget the final 'h'.

I can't see that mixing should have caused any problems. It depends on what you did with them after you mixed them.

If you just mixed them and then tried pancakes, it is likely that you were using exhausted material. But if you fed them, I would have thought that the conditions would have suited at least one to thrive.

Also if you are using a very high hydration batter, you have to be careful handling it because the gas can easily escape and leave you with a 'flat' batter - mustn't put in the extra 'y'.

Perhaps if you gave a bit more detail we could diagnose better.

Good luck with your projects.


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