New kid on the Block (not so new to this world)


HI All, Just new to this scene, if you can call it a "scene" I'd like to say lifesytle.

I started my very first starter one day ago using the method here, so far so good. LOL  I have little bubbles forming already and it has not even been 24hrs.  I'll wait another 3 hrs before I do day 2.  Fingers crossed.

I am also about to start to build my very first Wood Fired Pizza Oven in the back yard, I would like to incorperate my webber and bbq in the outdoor kitchen so a lot of planning will be involved. I'll putt pictures up when I start.  NOt sure if peopl are interested in them but I'll bore you with them anyway.

If any of you are in the south of Brisbane and want to catchup, chat or even help with my pizza oven, get in touch.




Olivier 2012 August 24

Good luck with your projects! and you are right, this is a lifestyle, which I have joined only 4 months ago, and loving it.


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