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pyrex full of starter

starter virgin on day 5

Hi there, I have a question regarding my starter, day 1-3 I have good risr followed by a period of inactivity after feeding,...

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Has my starter gone bad?

Hi There! I am new here. I went online because I was trying to find out if my starter has gone bad. I made it about a a month ago...


trouble starting

Can somebody please advise me? I have been working on a sourdough starter with all rye flour. It has been a week. I don't see any...

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What is going on with my starter?

I am concerned about the abnormality that looks like mold, not so much with the lines as they occur frequently when I do not stir...


Question: keeping my starter without a refrigerator

I have been making sourdought bread for a few months now, about once or twice a week, and I have a starter that I keep feeding...


Help! White yeasty stuff on top of my starter

Last night my starter looked great, smelled great, so I started a pre-ferment for a loaf of bread. Today the preferment looks and...

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100% Kamut

I am brand new to this site, but not new to sourdough bread baking. However, I haven't made bread in over a year because of...


Dry on top

I have a starter I use twice a week. It's doubling when I feed it and turning out tasty loaves. The only thing is it's started "...


starter according to Paul Hollywood

So given my love of bread I finally delved into the world of sourdough with the help of PH's book 'bread'... anyways... he says...


Sourdough starter consistency

Hi there. i am a complete novice to the sourdough "club" and really want to get cracking on making a loaf of bread with my...