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Hey all!

im new to the sourdough world and very eager to learn and start baking!! I started my starter 3 days ago and fed it this morning 100g equal parts flour and water and by six today it was more than double the amount and overflowed. I just checked now before I went to bed, again almost going over board. I just transferred it to another jar. Did I kill it or mess up the fermentation process? 

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Oldtyke 2018 August 11

Sounds ok to me. Are you throwing half away? I've only been doing this for 2 weeks, but I noticed that most folk seem to only keep 50g of starter in the fridge. So once I got a bubbly starter, (after 4 days) I transferred 50g to a jar and put it in the fridge, and used what I needed for a loaf. (don't ask how that went! It tasted fine, but looked like a frisbee) I fed it with 100g flour and 100ml of water last night and this morning it was bubbling away! I'm trying a new recipe.How the loaf will turn out I have no idea!

I think you need to read, watch youtube,go on facebook. It's like learning a language, we won't be fluent for quite a while!

Light_Work 2018 September 1

I feed and use my starter in one motion. I start with 2 cups of it that is up to a month old and has been kept in the fridge.  Usually I bake once a week. So into a large bowl goes 2 cups each of starter, flour and warm water. I stir it well and set it aside for a few hours until it's bubbling. Two cups get put back in the fridge for the next bake. The rest goes into the loaf. Fresh starter doesn't know it'e not part of the dough. Two more cups of water and 4 1/2 to 5 cups of flour to a prefered hydration plus salt makes the dough.


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