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Hey all!

im new to the sourdough world and very eager to learn and start baking!! I started my starter 3 days ago and fed it this morning 100g equal parts flour and water and by six today it was more than double the amount and overflowed. I just checked now before I went to bed, again almost going over board. I just transferred it to another jar. Did I kill it or mess up the fermentation process? 

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Oldtyke 2018 August 11

Sounds ok to me. Are you throwing half away? I've only been doing this for 2 weeks, but I noticed that most folk seem to only keep 50g of starter in the fridge. So once I got a bubbly starter, (after 4 days) I transferred 50g to a jar and put it in the fridge, and used what I needed for a loaf. (don't ask how that went! It tasted fine, but looked like a frisbee) I fed it with 100g flour and 100ml of water last night and this morning it was bubbling away! I'm trying a new recipe.How the loaf will turn out I have no idea!

I think you need to read, watch youtube,go on facebook. It's like learning a language, we won't be fluent for quite a while!

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