Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

Tips for Scoring

So I started a starter from scratch at the beginning of quarantine and have been pretty successfully baking bread every week for...


Help requested! First time sourdough baker!

I'm new to sourdough and I made starter over the course of 5 days and used this recipe:

I refuse to give up!

I've been working on a sourdough starter for about 3 weeks and counting! I'm getting bubbles and some growth but it never doubles...


Recipe mix

When using a starter in a recipe does the starter count as a liquid? Recipe 1 cup water 1.5 cup starter ??

Very sticky dough from 100% whole wheat flour

Hello baking community! I'm one of the many people who decided to try baking my own sourdough bread during this quarantine and I'...

Problem during gluten development in the dough

Hello!!! NEw here Im going to keep try to short to prevent myself from writing a book. So this is my 4th sourdough which the last...

Can I save an over proved sourdough?

Hi I'm new to the forum and under lockdown have decided to be more adventurous with my bread making! I,ve never made sourdough...

Inconsistent Oven Spring

Hi. I am not a new baker. I have been baking sourdough for sometime now. I have a Fisherman's Wharf Sourdough recipe (tangy) that...

First sourdough attempt

This is my first time with sourdough bread. I got a fairly decent oven spring, even though i forgot to score it. My problem is...


New to forum

Hi all, we just signed up for this forum. We picked up bread making again as this covid 19 has given us so much time at home and...

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