Sourdough Baking

<p>Sourdough bread making!</p>

Flour recommendation? Demeter/Kialla/Wholegraun

Hi I'm just asking for some recommendations for flour. I'm still new too Sourdough I've been purchasing organic bakers flour from...

Batch rise - dough bubbles and rises but goes sticky and loses structure

I’m in the UK. I have tried making sourdough bread twice now and seem to have come up against the same problem on both occasions...


Sourdough bread in places of high temperature

Hi All! I have attempted baking sourdough bread 4 times and i kinda succeeded once which it was airy but had a thick crust which...

Back into it

Getting back into baking after a few years... standard country sourdough loaf

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Slashing sourdough ?

If you make a sourdough light rye loaf in a tin, do you still slash it?

Baking with Sprouted Grains?

Hi I'm relatively new to sourdough after capturing some wild yeast and making a starter a few months ago. I'm able to get pretty...

baking sourdough bread in a warm region

Hello! This question is on behalf of a friend who lives in India. Its pretty warm there these days. the temperatures are going...


Sourdough rising

Hello, this is my first post after joining a day or so ago. I tried a loaf of no knead sourdough yesterday. My starter is perfect...

Help please.

Hi all, Its my first post here, so hi everyone. I started baking Sourdough loaves about 2 months ago and I had some really good...

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