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Croissant and Everything Laminated - Please test my recipe!

Hi everyone, My name is Rose. I would like to ask you for a favor and try a croissant recipe that I have been working with for...


Recreation of Vietnamese Banh Mi baguette - my tested recipe with stable success rate

Hi everyone, My name is Rose. I am new to the forum. I would like to contribute a a Banh Mi recipe that I have been working with...


Schoolchildren being served Real Bread

The March 2012 entry in this link refers to UK baker, Syd Aston owner of Aston's Organic Bakery , who is managing to sell real...

Searching for a recipe

When I was travelling, I ate this particular bread, I don't know it's name but I will try to describe it as much as I can. If...


Spent malted barley additions

I've been adding a cup or so of spent barley to each loaf, left over from mashing home brewed beers. This adds a wonderful taste...

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Recipe for bread that has chick pea flour or soy flour

I recently saw a recipe (here on this site) that someone had posted . . . chick pea bread loaf recipe. I have been searching and...


Golden color

I have finaly gotten the times down for my oven as far as getting a loaf cooked inside and out with the 1 2 3 baking method. I...


Small and Shattell

Hello I have a complete small and shattell oven front That I am selling and thought there may be some interest on this site. I...

No Knead Sourdough

Thank you to the generous people who share their knowledge and make this forum possible. Six months ago I started baking...


Slashing dough - wet or otherwise

I use scissors to make the slashes. Quick, easy, no fuss.