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your own french bakery

hello everyone i run a bakery in south Burgundy, France [ ] making organic pure sourdough bread *...

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Newbie Questions

Hello all; Couple of weeks ago I ventured in to the sourdough/home baking world. I used to bake now and again with dried yeast...


Sekowa Backferment

Has anyone had experience of working with the Sekowa Backferment?


Crock pot

Hi I was wondering if there is an electric crock to maintain optimal storage temp? I live in a MH and any one with the experience...

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Shelf life of whole wheat flour

My wholemeal flour has gone rancid. I have gradually been becoming aware that my breads made with wholemeal flour have been...


Boston Brown Bread/Welsh Steamed Brown Bread

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Graham, you media whore... er, I mean celeb!!

Hehe, I caught the first bit of you appearance on Gourmet Farmer last night (interrupted, so the rest was recorded). Quite like...

Bannetons and proving baskets

Hey all, I am looking to purchase some bannetons, proving baskets, brotforms, whatever you wish to call them lol. Is there any...


Melbourne recommendations please

Hi all I'm an avid sourdough maker in Perth (getting better and better thanks to this site and Yoke Mardewi's books) and am...


Home-made proving cabinet

When I returned from San Francisco recently I brought with me a packet of “Mr Bakers Sourdough Starter” purchased in the Cable...

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