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Weekend Bakery is serious about artisan bread baking.  Making bread in small quantities with lots of  time and attention will deliver great and rewarding results. We know that there are excellent artisan bakers to be found in some places. But not everybody has one close by or can afford to buy their bread. So through our website we also encourage people to try and make their own.  It’s a hobby with great benefits for your mind as well as your body. Making good bread appeals to all your senses.

We have been sharing our quest for good food and especially good bread for over 15 years. We love sharing our  bread , baking recipes and tips with everybody who’s interested in and has a love for real bread. We are especially enthusiastic about the traditional methods with few ingredients, lots of taste. It’s amazing and rewarding to discover you can make a wonderful bread out of flour, water and salt and a bit of your carefully nourished sourdough.

We specialize in the classic French breads, pain rustique and pain au levain and of course baguettes and croissants. We also love to bake Dutch classics like speculaas and Christmas stollen.


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