starter virgin on day 5

bubbles on top
Hi there, I have a question regarding my starter, day 1-3 I have good risr followed by a period of inactivity after feeding, twice daily as it is kept at room temp. Yesterday, even after feeding there was 0 activity not even a hint of rise, today I proceeded as usual and from 1 & 1/3 cup after feeding it has risen to 3 & a bit cups, the weather has been a little odd here as we are under a large weather inversion, could the barometric pressure have caused the lack of activity then sidden activity, it is the only thing I can think of that has been different from day to day. Yesterday, it was beginning to smell a little play doh-esque but today, it smells sweet and sour with hints of alcohol, I have attached photos of how it looks now. Hopefully, I'll be baking this weekend. Thanks for reading.
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shasta 2014 January 18

It looks healthy but I'm unclear on how much of each flour and water you are adding each feeding. If you are feeding equal amounts of each by volume, your starter will be about 166% hydration and will be like pancake batter and wont rise too much but should be bubbly. If you are feeding equal amounts by weight it will be thicker and would rise 2-3x. 

It also looks like you are using a whole wheat flour. That can effect the amount of rise in the starter.

In all it does look good. You should get some bread out of it this weekend! Good Luck!

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