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Commercial Supply Hot Pita Bread Help

Is there any Possible way to provide hot Pita Bread to end consumer from convenience/grocery stores. Every opinion/suggestion/...

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Can dough be frozen ?

George has asked... My work and leisure time schedules leave little room for baking. Many bread baking recipes I see (and try)...

Slap and fold fiasco?

!st attempt at slap/fold. 100% whole grain kamut at 80% hydration. Long autolysis, about 3 hours. I added the starter, folded it...


Wheat free troubles

Hi everyone, I am not new to bread baking however I am new to making bread without wheat.I've tried several recipes for oat flour...


Milling my flour

Hi - I live on the Gold Coast, QLD and would like to mill my own flour for sourdough break, does anyone know where I could take...

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How long can you let a dough rise?

Scott would like to know.... Good Morning: The dough proof instructions in the book generally call for an overnight rise, 8-12...


Flour Milling

Hi, I have recently acquired a grain mill and have started on the long, slow road to learning how to mill. Was just wondering if...


100% Wholewheat question

I have been grinding my own wheat and baking 100% wholewheat bread for a while now. My main aim is to bake a loaf with a nice...


Bread Video

Pretty cool video how this place does its bread.

TV Show Casting, Attention All Bakers

The team at Love Productions USA are currently looking for a batch of great home bakers to take part in the television series,...