Any recipe for industrial rye bread?

I'm searching a recipe for the kind of 100% rye bread that is generally sold in stores
sliced and sold in plastic bags. I thought it fell in the category of pumpernickel, but
actually it's quite different as far as taste, color consistency and moisture are concerned.

Just to make an example I'm referring to the breads like the ones that Bjorn and Pema/Loacker sell.

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nicodvb 2009 September 29
Lately I discovered that that kind of bread falls under the "SchrotBrot" name. Does anyone know how to make it? Thanks.
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Johnny 2009 September 30
Your post got me intrigued Nico so I started looking around and found this adaptation of a SchroBrot. As soon as I figure out what on earth the Schrotsauer is , or the Brühstück and the Quellstück for that matter I might have a go at this "Industrial Rye". I need to source some whole grains of Rye or Schrots first.
From trying to translate some german bread sites and using google and guesswork I think theSchrossaur is the sourdough starter fed on cracked rye, and the Brühstück is a soaker to gelatinise whole grains of rye with boiling water, while theQuellstück is a slightly different soaker using warm water with cracked rye
anybody else want to help me out here?
-oh Nico just noticed you have left a comment on this post so you have already found this formula for SchroBrot. Let us know how you go Nico if you try this formula...thanks :)  

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