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Interesting Historical Food Timeline

Occasionally I come across this site when I am researching a food topic, it has some great stuff and offers loads of material and...


Some might fnd this interesting. I really like the comparison between cheese making and bread making.

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Fake Sourdough

- Full size image available by clicking on image in gallery Kingsley Sullivan from New Norcia Bakeries has boldly produced a...

Baos: The Rise & Fall (and Rise?)

I have been making white spelt sourdough Bao. They taste great! However. I have a problem. I steam them for 20 mins, but they...


Please help settle a disagreement

hey guys, My name is valvanite/reece and ive been a chef for close to 10 years, At this current time im 25 and have been head...


sourdough is good for you

Good little article on more research on sourdough and health.


Which Salt?

The quality of ingredients have an inevitable reflection on your final product? The question is when have you gone too far? I...


convotherm oven baking tricks

hi all, I'm now doing the bread for my restaurant, and am having some issues getting the gas ovens to perform at the volume i...

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Old Aussie baking recipes

Hi Everyone, These recipes don't exactly fit with the definition of sourdough agreed upon here, but as examples of spontaneous...


Baker's Yeast Questions

Well I know this is a sourdough forum but I was just curious since I was reading something about baker's yeast production. I know...