Blackberry starter?

Hi all - i have this idea to make a starter from fermented blackberries. I have had succes's with fermented apples - the bread...

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Bread terms

I added a glossary of bread making lingo to my blog site. I have to admit that I need to refer back to some books, especially on...

How to create sourdough out of left over cuttings from previously produced yeast dough

Every now and then I produce yeast donuts and always end up with some left over cuttings. I do not want to scrap the cuttings,...


Homemade sourdoughs

http://thegeordieloafer.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/homemade-sourdough-bread-co2-level.html My homemade sourdoughs are starting to take shape...Read more

A whole passel of sourdough noobie Qs

I am a new sourdough baker and I'm having difficulty producing a sufficiently sour bread. I know this reads like a police...

Yum yum, breakfast!

One problem handled - another arises

Greetings all you wonderful people. A couple of weeks ago I sought help here with an issue of mine; my wet dough collapsed upon...


long ride new starter

Hi everyone, I just get a leaven (levain) identify as from San francisco and supply by somebody in england. I am worry because...


Questions on Starter

Hello everyone. my name is doreen frost and I live in Vermont. I just started my very first sourdough starter..the recipe is;...


Dough Sticking to Linen Lined Baskets

I recently purchased linenlined wicker baskets from the SBI. I make a batch of Tartine Country Bread about once a week. Since I...


New Weird Food Blog

I have just started a new blog documenting my adventures with weird and wacky foods including sourdough, gluten-free flours, fermented...Read more