How to create sourdough out of left over cuttings from previously produced yeast dough


Every now and then I produce yeast donuts and always end up with some left over cuttings. I do not want to scrap the cuttings, instead I would like to convert them into sourdough for the next donut batch?

Has anyone prepared sourdough out yeast dough left over cuttings? Your hints would be highly appreciated.





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Hugo 2013 May 6

Commercial yeast is extremely active and is usually made of a single strand. They can overwhelm your sourdough culture and disrupt the delicate balance between natural yeasts and bacteria.

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farinam 2013 May 6

Hello Sal,

I think you might be better just to make yourself a sourdough starter and use that for your doughnuts.  Depending on what other ingredients you add to your dough, your scraps might then be incorporated back into your starter.  I wouldn't be considering it if you add enriching agents such as eggs or butter.  Other than that, why not just fry up the bits and make puftaloons.

Read and follow SourDoms beginners blog to get your starter going.  Once you have that, I have found that you can safely substitute starter for yeast in recipes with 180g of 100% starter substituting for the yeast (7g dry or 15/20g fresh) and then adjust your other flour and liquids down by 90g each.  The only thing is that your time-line will be quite a bit longer than for commercial yeast and so you will have to adjust your preparation schedule to suit.

Good luck with your projects.


petanque 2013 May 9

You could freeze it.


Then when it suits you thaw it and add to the new dough near the end of mixing.


When I have mad doughnuts they tend to be soft and have a low protein flour.


How compatible this would be with your bread I don't know.

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