Dough Sticking to Linen Lined Baskets


 I recently purchased linenlined wicker baskets from the SBI. I make a batch of Tartine Country Bread about once a week. Since I have used the baskets, twice now, my dough sticks to the linen even with flour rubbed into the cloth. Its degassing my dough too much and my loaves arent as voluminous. A bummer to say the least. Anyone have any recommendations as to what to do to get the dough to release without sticking? Its such a high hydration dough that I'm coming up with nothing.

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peregrine 2012 April 13

I started by using semolina rubbed in to the linen, though I decided to try rice flour when a baker friend said that semolina on the floor of the bakery was an occupational hazard! It acts like ball bearings and while it will keep the dough from sticking - you can slip and fall if there's some on the floor.

The rice flour works well and doesn't flavour the bread. If I'm making whole grain bread, I often sprinkle the linen with Nigella seeds and pepitas - beautiful addition.

Also, I know lots of home bakers wash their linen after each use, but I never do - my cloths have been used for over a year now and have never been washed - for some reason they don't go mouldy, and I don't need to use much rice flour any more - they're well covered in it!

Good luck!

neko 2012 April 15

 Rice flour is good with rustic breads and for those who love their crust to be a little crunchy/hard. It doesnt add flavor but does add texture. I use corn starch or potato starch they dont add any flavor or texture to the crust. 

albuck99 2012 April 20

If you were using normal wheat flour to dust your bannetons, it was the gluten that made your bread stick. Use a flour with no or low gluten like rice flour, as the others suggested, or rye flour.

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